Another great night of combat sports delivered by DFC and sanctioned by the ISKA.

This exciting night saw both MMA & the return of San-Shou to SA combat sports. DFC put together evenly matched and entertaining bouts, with competitors from across Australia.

A great card that included 8 fantastic MMA bouts plus 2 San-Shou bouts that reintroduced Adelaide to this exciting combat sport – with the night finished off with a tough and entertaining DFC title contest.

DFC held again at Adelaide’s premier venue, in front of a huge & enthusiastic crowd.

Every bout was a fierce battle and no one could doubt that all competitor trained hard and came determined to do their very best!
Great respect to ALL the fighters who showed true courage & toughness in every bout – doing their clubs and selves proud regards of the result.

With even matchups and at least 3 bouts easily being able to be called fight of the night, this was an entertaining night for fight fans!
Yet again it was Extremely impressive to see the high level of professionalism and tremendous respect shown by all competitors, trainers and clubs that participated.

Simply another excellent DFC promotion!
Congratulations to the fighters, trainers, corners, Promoter Craig Icke & all the DFC Team, the ISKA Officials and event staff.

ISKASA: Shane Kokotis

Bout 1: MMA
Mohammad Hussain Ibrahimi def Anthony Lioulios via unanimous decision.

Bout 2: MMA
Lachlan Fletcher def Harry Michetti-Bennet via unanimous decision.

Bout 3: MMA
Rhys Smith def Nate Le-Vin via unanimous decision.

Bout 4: SAN-SHOU
Muhammad Zaid def Johnny Manno via unanimous decision.

Bout 5: MMA
Louis Pasin def Sekou Kamara via referee stoppage (ground strikes) in round 2.

Bout 6: MMA
Damian Volar def Isaac Richards via referee stoppage (ground strikes) in round 1

Bout 7: SAN-SHOU
Sadiq Asifi def Jermaine Guglielmi via unanimous decision.

Bout 8: MMA
Josh Watkins def Cam Sinclair via unanimous decision.

Bout 9: MMA
Joe Brown defs Ben Dawes referee stoppage via submission (Kimura)

Bout 10: MMA
John Loughhead def Adam Collet via TKO to retain the DFC Amateur Featherweight Title.